Day Ten

Day Ten.

“Look at all of the little things in your life that you have to be thankful for. Don’t take them for granted but appreciate them with your whole heart”.

The little thing in my life that I am thankful for is my son.

My partner and I had planned to have a baby last Spring and luckily for us, we got pregnant pretty much straight away. The first trimester breezed by, I didn’t have any morning sickness or any other symptoms so I was feeling really good. Then I started getting fat. From then on, I was so miserable and I hated being pregnant. I hated the fact I couldn’t see my feet. I hated that nothing fitted properly. I hated having five chins. But, I loved the little man growing healthily inside and that I was appreciative for.

My heart melted every time he had hiccups, which was every night around the time I wanted to sleep. I loved feeling him move and kick and was starting to get really excited when I was ready to burst.

When my waters broke, I freaked out. This baby was actually coming. There was no feeling other than petrified. Oh and it was painful, very painful.

At 3.19pm on Friday 17th Feb 2017, my 5lb 12 bundle of love came into the world. And I have never, ever felt so much love. He was just perfect.

Obviously the first few weeks were tough. My partner was on his paternity leave so we were working together to work out how to bring up this tiny human. And it was amazing. I had my little family and it was incredible. I couldn’t stop looking at my little man. We had so many visitors which was overwhelming but the love they had for our little one was so great to see. We had definitely made the perfect baby boy.

He is hard work. But I knew this. I try so hard every day to make him happy, I try so hard to look after him and keep him safe. I try so hard to not break down when he has a screaming fit, or to walk away. Having my son isn’t a job. It’s my life and I am so grateful that he is now a part of it. I love him so much. And that’s why I try for him every day to be the best for him. He deserves to have the best life ever because my partner and I wouldn’t be who we are without him.

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